Wheelchair accessible tour report (vol.2)

Oct 15 - 17, 2016 / Yamagata prefecture, JPN

Tourist: Miki Tamura
*Hotel rate is calculated based on Twin room with 2 pax.
*Costs for car rentals are not included.

  AM 7:12         Tokyo to Yamagata                                                   Single trip / person
                                   Yamagata Shinkansen "Tsubasa 123"                     11,340 yen
                                   *Wheelchair accessible seat (reserved)

  AM 10:06               Arrive to Yamagata Station
                                   Meet w/ private guide from Yamagata BFTC

  AM 11:00               Join the outdoor "*NEGINI (IMONI)" Party hosted by Negibito Company
                                   Lunch: All-you-can-eat/ drink                              3,000 yen / person

           *NEGINI (IMONI) is Yamagata's traditional hotpot with taro root,
                                    wagyu (beef), konnyaku, and green onion in soy sauce based soup.

   PM 15:00              Attraction: Wheelchair Paragliding at Nanyo Sky Park 
                                   Tandem soaring                                                     20,000 yen / person
                                   *Additional options: DVD digital files (photo & video) 4,000 yen


  PM 17:00              HTL Check-in: Japanese style hotel in Akayu Onsen "Daimonjiya
                                  Universal  Room TWIN w/Bed and Breakfast       14,500 yen / person

                                  *Entry ramp is available by request (free of charge)
                                   *Twin "Wa-yo shitsu (Japanese-Western room)" w/ private onsen
                                   *Breakfast: Japanese style "Washoku" served in a private room

   PM 18:30              Yakiniku party at "Jihei"                                             4,000 yen / person
                                   Dinner: WAGYU YAKINIKU (Japanese style BBQ)


   PM 22:00              Return to HTL

   AM 8:00                Breakfast at HTL
                                   Breakfast: Japanese style breakfast served in a private room

   AM 9:30                Meet w/ private guide from Yamagata BFTC

   AM 10:00              Attraction: Chrysanthemum Festival 
                                                    in Nanyo city Central Flower Park (admission free)

   PM 12:00              Lunch at "Men-ya FUKUTOMI"
                                   Lunch: RAMEN (Famous Japanese style soup noodle)
                                   *Akamiso Ramen    720 yen        

   PM 14:00              Attraction: Fruit picking in "Takahashi Fruit Land"
                                   *Grape picking: 500yen / person (all-you-can-eat)
                                   *Pear picking: 700yen / person (3 pears)

   PM 16:00              Shopping and Tasting wine at "Oura Winery"

   PM 17:00              Attraction: Watching night view from Nanyo Sky Park

   PM 17:30              Dinner: By self

   PM 19:00              Attraction: "*Tsuki-musubi Ceremony" in "Kumano-taisha" shrine
                                   *Night ceremony for matchmaking♡ under the full moon
                                     2,000 yen / person

   PM 21:00              Return to HTL

   AM 8:00               Breakfast at HTL
                                  Breakfast: Japanese style breakfast served in a private room

   AM 9:30               HTL Check-out
                                   Meet w/ private guide from Yamagata BFTC

   AM 11:30              Attraction: Watching Koyo (autumn leaves) at "Mt. ZAO"
                                   *Round trip for Zao Rope Way: 4,100 yen / person


   PM 12:30              Lunch at Restaurant "Sancho (The Summit)"
                                   Lunch: By self

   PM 14:00              Shopping at "*Gutto Yamagata"
                                   *Shopping mall offering local foods and specialties

   PM 17:00              Attraction: Visit "*Ginzan Onsen" town
                                   *Japanese old style historical onsen town


   PM 19:25             Yamagata (Akayu station) to Tokyo                          Single trip / person
                                   Yamagata Shinkansen "Tsubasa 94                     11,340 yen
                                   *Wheelchair accessible seat (reserved)

   PM 10:06             Arrive to Tokyo Station

GRAND TOTAL (Net amount) for 3 Day Tour:        87,892 yen

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Youll Never Know Unless You Try
Wheelchair accessible tour report (vol.1)
Nanyo city, Yamagata is the one and only place in Japan where we can experience tandem paragliding on the flying wheelchair. This special wheelchair FlyChair was developed in Finland and imported to Yamagata. 

Coming from a MTB-downhill background I am used to running down a steep downhill and love the thrill of the speed, however, all of that is with on land. It felt like an explosion in my head, when I fly out to the sky. All surroundings appeared bright and beautiful I didnt see any borders between the nature and myself.

Are you ready for the sky adventure?
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