Wheelchair accessible tour report (vol.2)

Oct 15 - 17, 2016 / Yamagata prefecture, JPN

Tourist: Miki Tamura
*Hotel rate is calculated based on Twin room with 2 pax.
*Costs for car rentals are not included.

  AM 7:12         Tokyo to Yamagata                                                   Single trip / person
                                   Yamagata Shinkansen "Tsubasa 123"                     11,340 yen
                                   *Wheelchair accessible seat (reserved)

  AM 10:06               Arrive to Yamagata Station
                                   Meet w/ private guide from Yamagata BFTC

  AM 11:00               Join the outdoor "*NEGINI (IMONI)" Party hosted by Negibito Company
                                   Lunch: All-you-can-eat/ drink                              3,000 yen / person

           *NEGINI (IMONI) is Yamagata's traditional hotpot with taro root,
                                    wagyu (beef), konnyaku, and green onion in soy sauce based soup.

   PM 15:00              Attraction: Wheelchair Paragliding at Nanyo Sky Park 
                                   Tandem soaring                                                     20,000 yen / person
                                   *Additional options: DVD digital files (photo & video) 4,000 yen


  PM 17:00              HTL Check-in: Japanese style hotel in Akayu Onsen "Daimonjiya
                                  Universal  Room TWIN w/Bed and Breakfast       14,500 yen / person

                                  *Entry ramp is available by request (free of charge)
                                   *Twin "Wa-yo shitsu (Japanese-Western room)" w/ private onsen
                                   *Breakfast: Japanese style "Washoku" served in a private room

   PM 18:30              Yakiniku party at "Jihei"                                             4,000 yen / person
                                   Dinner: WAGYU YAKINIKU (Japanese style BBQ)


   PM 22:00              Return to HTL

   AM 8:00                Breakfast at HTL
                                   Breakfast: Japanese style breakfast served in a private room

   AM 9:30                Meet w/ private guide from Yamagata BFTC

   AM 10:00              Attraction: Chrysanthemum Festival 
                                                    in Nanyo city Central Flower Park (admission free)

   PM 12:00              Lunch at "Men-ya FUKUTOMI"
                                   Lunch: RAMEN (Famous Japanese style soup noodle)
                                   *Akamiso Ramen    720 yen        

   PM 14:00              Attraction: Fruit picking in "Takahashi Fruit Land"
                                   *Grape picking: 500yen / person (all-you-can-eat)
                                   *Pear picking: 700yen / person (3 pears)

   PM 16:00              Shopping and Tasting wine at "Oura Winery"

   PM 17:00              Attraction: Watching night view from Nanyo Sky Park

   PM 17:30              Dinner: By self

   PM 19:00              Attraction: "*Tsuki-musubi Ceremony" in "Kumano-taisha" shrine
                                   *Night ceremony for matchmaking♡ under the full moon
                                     2,000 yen / person

   PM 21:00              Return to HTL

   AM 8:00               Breakfast at HTL
                                  Breakfast: Japanese style breakfast served in a private room

   AM 9:30               HTL Check-out
                                   Meet w/ private guide from Yamagata BFTC

   AM 11:30              Attraction: Watching Koyo (autumn leaves) at "Mt. ZAO"
                                   *Round trip for Zao Rope Way: 4,100 yen / person


   PM 12:30              Lunch at Restaurant "Sancho (The Summit)"
                                   Lunch: By self

   PM 14:00              Shopping at "*Gutto Yamagata"
                                   *Shopping mall offering local foods and specialties

   PM 17:00              Attraction: Visit "*Ginzan Onsen" town
                                   *Japanese old style historical onsen town


   PM 19:25             Yamagata (Akayu station) to Tokyo                          Single trip / person
                                   Yamagata Shinkansen "Tsubasa 94                     11,340 yen
                                   *Wheelchair accessible seat (reserved)

   PM 10:06             Arrive to Tokyo Station

GRAND TOTAL (Net amount) for 3 Day Tour:        87,892 yen

                              Contact us for making a remarkable memory in Japan!

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