ONE-DAY Wheelchair Tour in AKIBA
「秋葉原 1-DAY ツアー」

Accommodation: Bed & Breakfast Hotel “remm AKIHABARA”
Universal Twin room, 23
1night BB / 2 PAX, 32,000yen *Reference price.
ユニバーサルツイン 21 朝食付きプラン \32,000(参考価格)

Accessible Room Layout
TWIN Bedroom


AM8:00      Breakfast at Hotel
AM9:00      Tour Start ! (*^-^)/♪「出発!」

       15 min walk (approx. 950m) *The route contains steep slopes.

AM9:15      Visit a historical place to feel the calmness and atmosphere of Edo period.
                Worship at “Kandamyoujin shrine” 「神田明神」

The Main Gate 「随神門」
Main Entrance


The Main Shrine 「御神殿」
Ramp to the main shrine


         * Wheelchair accessible restroom is located at the rest house.

       10 min walk (approx. 550m) from Kandamyoujin.

AM10:30    Enjoy shopping at famous discount megastore.
       “Don Quijote, Akihabara” 「ドン・キホーテ秋葉原」
              *Ask the shop staff for using the elevator.
                 (Elevator is located at the back part of the building.)

       ★Don’t forget to try Japanese crepes at “Crazy Crepes”. 
                   You can choose from many flavors!

                5 min walk (approx. 300m) from Don Quijote.

PM12:00    Discover the local foods and specialty products from all over Japan.
                Antenna shop “CHABARA AKIOKA MARCHE”「ちゃばら」 
Tasty SAKEs


       *Wheelchair accessible restroom is available.

                1 min walk (approx. 50m) from CHABARA.

PM13:00    Lunch at “B-1 GRAND PRIX” food stands. B-1グランプリ食堂」
                Try various kinds of famous Japanese local dish at the street-food bandwagon.

                5 min walk (approx. 300m) from B-1 Grand Prix.

PM14:00    Enjoy shopping at famous electronics megastore.
                “Yodobashi Camera, Multimedia AKIBA” 「ヨドバシカメラ」

Wheelchair accessible restroom is located on 3rd - 9th floor.

                4 min walk (approx. 350m) from Yodobashi Camera.

PM16:00    Pick out your costumes and just sing your favorite songs out loud!
                Special rates for early hours in weekdays.
                “ADORES, Akihabara” 「アドアーズ秋葉原店」


       *Wheelchair accessible restroom is located on 10th floor.

                3 min walk (approx. 250m) from ADORES.

PM18:30    Shopping and strolling at river-side terrace.
                “mAAch ecute, Kanda Manseibashi” 「マーチ エキュート 神田万世橋」


     *Wheelchair accessible restroom is located on 1st floor.

    2 min walk (approx. 180m) from mAAch ecute.

PM19:30    Dinner at “Mansei” 「肉の万世」
                Tasty WAGYU (Japanese Beef) dining at famous restaurant “Mansei”.
                Grilled steak, Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu, Yakiniku BBQ, and many more!
                Self-service all-you-can-drink BAR is available for 780 yen / 1hour at B1 floor.

Wheelchair accessible restroom is located on 2nd floor and 7th floor.

                2 min walk (approx. 110m) from Mansei.

PM21:00    Back to Hotel “remm AKIHABARA”
                Have a Nice Dream! ヾ(゚-^*)

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